Saint Genevieve Hearts & Heads 


You see these faces every day in the hallways and classrooms, but do you really know the St. Genevieve teachers and staff?  Learn their favorite movies, embarrasing stories, and much, much more in "Hearts & Heads"!

January 14 - Mrs. Ligia Porto

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New year, new faces!  We're back from a brief hiatus with our school secretary Mrs. Ligia Porto.  Learn about her favorite celebrity (spoiler: he's a crooner!) and hear about our upcoming Open House!










November 16 - Fr. Tim O'Malley

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we have a very special Hearts & Heads interview!


This time we hear from Fr. Tim O'Malley, pastor of St. Genevieve Parish and School and learn what he's grateful for this year.

November 19 - Sr. Sue Paweski, S.P.

Introducing our wonderful Fine Arts teacher -  she sings, she dances, she creates... and she happens to be a nun!

November 12 - Mr. Roberto Vega

The St. Genevieve “Hearts and Heads” series continues!


This week we hear from the man who keeps our school running from behind-the-scenes, Mr. Roberto Vega!

November 5 - Mrs. Keane

The St. Genevieve “Hearts and Heads” series continues!


This week we hear from our incredible 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Keane.  Tune in next Thursday to hear from Mr. Roberto, our maintenance worker!

October 29 - Ms. Corrigan

Introducing the St. Genevieve “Hearts and Heads” series!


This week we start with our wonderful principal Ms. Corrigan.  Tune in next Thursday to hear from Mrs. Keane, the 3rd Grade teacher!

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