Intermediate Grades

3rd Grade 


Students in 3rd grade quickly transition from learning to read to reading to learn as they navigate more complicated texts. Students dive deeper into the sciences as they study life cycles of plants. In the social sciences, students learn the fundamentals of geography and increase their awareness of the local and global communities in which they live. Students also master basic addition and subtraction and move on to learning basic multiplication and addition. 

4th Grade


In fourth grade, students are learning and discovering in different ways each and every day. For math, they are starting to master basic multiplication and division facts, as well as reinforcing other measurement, geometry, and fraction skills. Fourth graders are learning to love reading, and using that to improve upon their AR scores. Students are taking a closer look at science topics such as animals and plants in different ecosystems, rocks and landforms, as well as motion, force, and energy. In addition to every day religion classes, an emphasis of our Catholic faith is built in to every subject area. 

5th Grade

Fifth grade is the students’ last year in elementary school, so community building, responsibility, and leadership are important aspects of day-to-day life in the classroom. Questioning and inquiry about the world is emphasized and encouraged.  In math, the focus is on exploring decimal and fraction operations, with an emphasis on gaining a deeper understanding in these topics. They use Accelerated Reader along with novels to enhance literacy skills. American history, starting with explorers and colonization and ending right before the Civil War, is the topic of study in social studies. Fifth-graders delve into organisms, habitats and electricity and magnetism in science. 

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