Pilot Program at St. Genevieve School

The Archdiocese of Chicago received a $1 million grant from the CME Group Foundation to fund the launch of a five-year personalized learning program at three Catholic schools. St. Genevieve was chosen as one of the schools to receive this grant in order to bolster commitment to individualized learning and use technology effectively in classrooms. 


The Archdiocese is collaborating with LEAP innovations in order to implement the pilot program, of which literacy and writing is the focus. In announcing the program the Archdiocese explained,  “LEAP Innovations will work with the participating schools to analyze the schools’ current instructional practices, curriculum and tools to identify challenges to address through personalized learning. School leaders and teachers will work with LEAP Innovations to create and execute a quality, classroom-based personalized learning program enhanced by educational technology.”


The ACT Aspire test is administrated annually at all Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese. The pilot program aims to see improvement in student achievement as measured through the reading and writing portions of this test. It is the goal for students to meet or exceed grade-level benchmarks after the implementation of the program.

The Archdiocese believes that by combining traditional and technology-driven teaching during this pilot, instructors will be more able to meet students’ individual needs. 


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