Primary Grades

1st Grade


In first grade students learn to care for each other and God's creation. By incorporating Accelerated Reader and guided reading into daily instruction, our first grade students make tremendous gains in their reading level. In addition, first grade students learn to be more independent as they begin to read independently.



2nd Grade


Second grade is an important year for our students as they receive two holy sacraments, the sacrament of Reconciliation and the sacrament of Holy Communion. Our students prepare for these sacraments in daily religion class.



Kindergarten students at St. Genevieve learn to read! Students become more familiar with letter sounds and combine sounds to begin reading. By participating in Accelerated Reader, our students are read to on a daily basis and take quizzes to monitor their comprehension of stories. They also learn to write stories, skip count, and add and subtract. In addition, they attend physical education, art, music, and library classes weekly. Finally, our kindergarten students learn more about the Mass by helping their 3rd grade buddies host an all-school Mass.

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