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St. Genevieve Early Childhood- Preschool Program

Welcome to Preschool!

The St. Genevieve preschool team are anticipating an exciting year! Our preschool students are active learners at St. Genevieve. In the classroom, they listen to stories, investigate living and non-living things, and explore the English language as they prepare to read. In addition, preschool students school day is enhanced by attending art, library, technology and physical education classes, as well as attending weekly Mass with their buddies.


An Overview

Welcome to Preschool!

  • Open to students age 3 - 4 (Birthday must be before September 1st)

  • Full day program: 8:00 AM - 3:05 PM

  • Participate in all school specials: Art, Library, Technology and Physical Education

  • Smart Board & iPads incorporated into classroom activities

Our Mission & Curriculum

Welcome to Preschool!

Preschool: Our Mission & Curriculum

Preschool is such a special time and a blessing to share with our students.  School is a new adventure and students will learn, grow and make new friends!  Together with their peers, students will development socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically.

Throughout our two-year Early Education program, students will...

Learn Reading, Math, & Science

  • Recognize the letters of the alphabet, sound out new words, and even write their name

  • Count, recognize numbers, identify shapes, and construct simple patters

  • Identify plants and animals and explore the world around us

Play - One of the most important parts of our day!

  •  Our classroom has a play kitchen, dress-up clothes, puppet theater, and sensory table

Enjoy Specials

  • All School Masses

  • Classes: Art, Library, Technology and Physical Education

  • Buddy Time with our Junior High Class

Explore Technology

  • Our current preschoolers love using our iPads and new Smart Board.

St. Genevieve firmly believes that we learn some of life’s most important lessons as preschoolers.  In our two-year Early Education program, students can expect to learn about friendship, kindness, compassion, sharing, empathy, independence, teamwork, honesty, courage, creativity, adventure, problem solving and much more.

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