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22-23 Parent-Student Handbook

Access the most updated version of the St. Genevieve School Parent-Student Handbook

To the Families of St. Genevieve Catholic School,


This handbook is your guide to the policies and regulations of St. Genevieve Catholic School.  The school asks that you keep it handy for easy reference and take time to review the contents as a family.


The rules and procedures of St. Genevieve Catholic School set forth in this handbook are intended to provide a safe and secure Catholic learning environment for all the children who attend St. Genevieve.  It is the expectation of the school that all students and families will adhere to the policies and procedures as they are intended for the good of all students.  


Also, it is imperative in a Catholic school environment that a spirit of trust, understanding, and cooperation exist between school and home in order for the children to be educated in a harmonious environment.  With this in mind, it is important that families do not seek exceptions for their own children and support the policies as described in the handbook.


Should a situation arise that puts your family in conflict with school policy, please contact the Principal directly.  Please understand too, that although this handbook serves as a guide to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for all St. Genevieve students, it is not all-inclusive. 


Administration's Right to Amend Handbook


There are circumstances when rules and regulations need to be amended.  Therefore, the administration of St. Genevieve Catholic School retains the right to amend this handbook during the course of the school year.  In the event that changes are made, parents will be notified in writing through regular home-school communication channels.

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