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St. Genevieve Catholic School is strongly committed to making our quality, Catholic education affordable and accessible. Our families have multiple opportunities to apply for scholarships, grants and financial aid.

To be eligible for financial aid, the following must be submitted through online FACTS system

  • 2021 Federal Tax return

  • 2021 W-2's

How to apply for a Financial aid?

  1. Online: A family can apply as they have registered their FACTS system

  2. Workshops (English) - In February we will be holding workshops at night to assist in online registration

  3. Additional Assistance (Spanish) - Mrs. Porto is available to help families complete a financial aid application. Please contact her at or (773) 237-7131


Scholarships are limited in number and must be recommended by the school

Caritas: The Archdiocese of Chicago is also committed to making Catholic education an affordable reality for families. Therefore, families new to St. Genevieve may be able to apply for Caritas scholarships. This scholarship is a need-based scholarship and will grant up to 50% of the tuition.

Big Shoulders Fund: St Genevieve School is recognized by Big Shoulders Fund as a Big Shoulder school. Big Shoulders provides additional scholarship opportunities for families based on household income and the academic qualification(s) of the student(s). 


Financial Aid & Tuition Assistance

Accesible Education

St. Genevieve Catholic School Scholarship Fund


The St. Genevieve Catholic School mission is to provide an excellent, valuable education for students of all ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. At St. Genevieve Catholic School, we are committed to welcoming all families, including those who cannot afford to pay the full tuition. To support this vital mission, the St. Genevieve Scholarship Fund has been established to provide funds for these deserving children who wish to attend St. Genevieve Catholic School.


To apply for a St. Genevieve Catholic School Financial Grant


Rise Scholarships Now Available!

                Empower Illinois has provided St. Genevieve with funds to provide generous scholarships to

                students who are in 1st-8th Grade, transferring from a public school, and have financial need. 

                If your child meets this criteria and you are interested, please contact Mrs. Porto at 

                773-237-7131 or


               The funds will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Empower Illinois

Tax Credit Scholarships

Tax Credit Scholarships are made possible through the state of Illinois' "invest in Kid's Act,"
and are applicable for families for students applying for Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Scholarships are looked at and awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, and are

based on household size and household income. Families are recommended to apply for both

Tax Credit Scholarship opportunities awarded through:

  • Big Shoulder's (Applications opened Jan 31 and will remain open until funds run out) 

  • Empower Illinois (Applications opened Feb 27 and will remain open until funds run out)

Illinois Action for Children


St. Genevieve Catholic School is a listed provider for the Illinois Action for Children (Daycare Action).

Action for Children may be applied to...


  • Pre K-3 and Pre K-4 tuition

  • Before and After School Care for students age 12 and younger


Applications are available in the school office.  

For more information and to find your nearest AFC Location to turn in your application, visit the AFC website.




Contact Mr. Alvarado at (773) 237-7131  or via email at

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