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Physical Education & Health

Welcome to Physical Education and Health Class!​

In P.E. students can expect to learn athletic skills, fitness knowledge, develop teamwork abilities, participate in team sports, all while increasing their physical activity and improving their physical literacy. Once a month, we will also be having discussions about health-specific topics to give students a broad understanding about movement, nutrition, and overall physical & mental health.


Lower school students will work on integrating movement principles with athletic skills to improve their physically creative abilities that can be applied both on the field and in the classroom!

In middle school, students will continue to improve their athletic and physical capabilities through individual as well as small-sided games, while discussing basic health principles.

Jr. High students will continue their growth in teamwork and cooperation through small-sided games while also building their health and fitness knowledge to build their physical literacy for the world outside the gym.

Feel free to email me, Mr Savin, at with any questions at all!

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